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Despite everything, we are still in the studio. Of course, we have proper social distancing measures set up (masks, six feet apart), but our members are still getting in and making prints. Here is Alex Brightbill with her mask on while printing.

About Member Sarah Royer

Sarah Royer’s career as a Visual Artist began at Expressions Graphics. As a member at EG she participated in group shows, sat for Open Studio, and took as many classes as she could from our visiting artists, and other EG members. An opportunity took relocated Sarah and her family. Since her days at EG she has been apart of events in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Lake Tahoe. Although she has moved away from the area she kept her membership at Expressions Graphics and has participated in “Her Voice” and The Chicago Print Crawl. Last fall she took a class on solar-plates with Janet Schill. Please check out her newly launched website

Quarantine front yard gallery

Quarantine front yard gallery

By Alex Velazquez Brightbill

I have been creating works of art for more than 15 years, I create collages, paintings and printmaking and currently a board member of E.G. (Expressions Graphics) located in Oak Park, IL  My inspirations are based on my childhood experiences, animals and social justice. When the stay home order started in mid March I decided to create a front yard quarantine gallery for neighbors to enjoy, my idea was to spread positivity and perhaps something my community would look forward to during their walks, it was taken very positively and I received some nice comments such as “Thank you! This is just what we needed” it was such as fun experience.

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