Studio Rental Contract – 12 hours next 6 months




$48 contract
– – 12 hours at $4 an hour  (averages to 2 hours per month)

  • Commit to a rental agreement for 6 months
  • Obtain key to studio after shop introduction and press review
  • Schedule time on the calendar and come in whenever there is not Print Club or an EG event
  • Have a private show in the gallery (you manage marketing)
  • Assigned storage space – 1/2 of a flat drawer or milk crate

*Monthly Renter will pay in advance of the 6 month period, or can make other arrangements with the treasurer. Time MUST be used in the 6 month time period; it cannot be rolled over.   If you’d like MORE time you would pay your hourly press time fee.   ($3 or $4 per hour)


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