Quarantine front yard gallery

By Alex Velazquez Brightbill

I have been creating works of art for more than 15 years, I create collages, paintings and printmaking and currently a board member of E.G. (Expressions Graphics) located in Oak Park, IL  My inspirations are based on my childhood experiences, animals and social justice. When the stay home order started in mid March I decided to create a front yard quarantine gallery for neighbors to enjoy, my idea was to spread positivity and perhaps something my community would look forward to during their walks, it was taken very positively and I received some nice comments such as “Thank you! This is just what we needed” it was such as fun experience.

Gallery hours are Monday thru Friday from 4-6 pm (weather permitting) until the end of May. 

This is a message I included in the show:

Here is my artwork and I hope that it brings you a brighter day! 

Art heals and art connects.

If you are interested in leaning more about my work or if you would like to learn some art techniques and activities to do at home please reach out and I’m happy to share some ideas!

Perhaps COVID-19 has given us all a time of reflection and awareness of what is important and what it may not be! 


Another project I’m participating in, its an online international gallery show., a facebook page is available , 21 artists from 9 countries.

International Online Art Collective