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Here is where all the work happens. In the Expressions Graphics Studio, all the activities for making great prints happens here. Below is the schedule and upcoming events for Print & Screen Clubs and the Open Studio Sessions.

Print & Screen Clubs

Club Members may participate in regularly scheduled Print Club or Screen Club sessions, which are typically 3-4 hours long. A Studio Monitor will be available to help you with all aspects of using the print studio, learning a new technique, or assisting with a project you may be working on.

Screen Club is solely focused on the screen printing process, while Print Club covers all the other forms of printing available.

Print Club Meeting Dates
(To be announced)

Screen Club Meeting Dates
(To be announced)

Open Studio Sessions

Available to all Regular EG Members, the Open Studio periods are geared for the print artists wanting access to the print studio to work on their individual projects. A Studio Mentor will be present to help artists access the resources in the studio.

Open Studio Dates
(To be announced)